Overcome the Four Biggest Threats to a Thriving Culture
Building a thriving culture that helps improve people's lives demands far more than traditional wellness programs.


The 4 Risks to a Thriving Culture
Wellbeing at Work identifies the four biggest risks organizations can face when building a thriving culture:
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Employee mental health
Your employees' career wellbeing has a strong link to their mental health — so much so that having a bad job with a bad manager can erode wellbeing and mental health more than not having a job at all.
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Lack of clarity and purpose
Only 41% of employees strongly agree that they know what their company stands for and what differentiates it from competitors.
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Overreliance on policies, programs and perks
If it were possible to legislate culture through policies, programs and perks, most organizations wouldn't have culture problems.
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Poorly skilled managers
Of the four risks, this is the greatest. Managers are the single most important factor in the engagement, performance and wellbeing of your workforce.
Watch these videos of Jim Harter, Ph.D. — coauthor of Wellbeing at Work and Gallup Chief Workplace Scientist — as he discusses these four risks and how to avoid them.


The Best Route to a Thriving Culture
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Build a Thriving Future
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